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Lincoln Park Track & Soccer Fields Open to Public

City of Forest Grove Parks and Recreation Director Tom Gamble announced Monday, December 3, 2007, that the new track and soccer field developed in cooperation with Pacific University is now open on a daily basis for informal public use.


Gamble said the facility will be open at sunrise and close one hour after sunset for general public use. “The facility will allow the public to access the completed portion of the park as was promised at the beginning of the project,” Gamble said.  The remainder of the park is still under construction and will be completed and open to the public early this spring.


Public access will be allowed during periods when sports team are not practicing or having meets or games.  Gamble says that, generally, the public will have access in the morning and early afternoon until the teams take the field and then after the teams are done for the evening.  “If you want to take a walk or a run on the track, most walkers and runners will appreciate the soft feel of the surface,” said Gamble.


The facility does have several rules however.  No food or drink is allowed.  Water is allowed only in plastic containers.  Runner and walkers should walk on the outer lanes to prevent wear and tear on the inside lanes.  Pets of any kind are not allowed inside the fenced areas, with exception of service dogs.  No bikes, skateboards or strollers are allowed.  Gamble stresses that protection of the surfaces inside the fence is extremely important to protect from wear and tear and to protect the users from injury.  Gamble asks that park users follow the simple rules posted for everyone’s safety.


“We know the public has been waiting for months to use the facility.  The contractors have completed their work on the soccer field and the area is now considered safe for general use,” Gamble reported.  If anyone has questions regarding the use of the Lincoln Park facility, please contact Gamble at 503-992-3237.


Date:  December 3, 2007