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Citizen B&C: Committee for Citizen Involvement (CCI)

CCI advises the City Council on ways to include residents in planning Forest Grove's future with an emphasis on communication and land use.  The Committee for Citizen Involvement consists of seven members. The Committee develops and implements City programs to involve citizens in the land use planning process.

The Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Community Auditorium - Conference Room.  (4-Year Term) 

Some of the significant responsibilities include:

  • Encourage and facilitate citizen involvement, access and opportunity to be involved in the land use process;  
  • Achieve two-way communication between citizens and policy makers; and
  • Conduct the Annual Town Meeting. 

2014 Annual Town Meeting 

THEME:  Vision 20/20 -- Forest Grove Looking Ahead 
On February 1st, community members had the opportunity to provide their input for the update of the 2007 Action Plan.  An extension of Forest Grove's Vision Statement, the Action Plan lays out a number of short and long-term goals for the City.  After reviewing accomplishments from the current Action Plan, attendees came together to discuss ideas and goals for the future.

Watch the Annual Town Meeting

Copies of the Vision Statement and 2007 Action Plan can be found below:



CCI Committe Members:Staff Liaison: Community Development Director

Sebastian B. Lawler, Chair

Term Expires 01/31/15

Jordan Kronen, Vice Chair 

Term Expires 01/31/14

Debbie Pariera, Secretary

Term Expires 01/31/14

Kathryn Karppinen

Term Expires 01/31/15

Stephanie Keys

Term Expires 01/31/15

Michael Perrault

Term Expires 01/31/15

Stephanie Rose

Term Expires 01/31/17

Vacancy, Student Advisor

Term Expires 01/31/14



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