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City Hall
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Citizen Boards, Committees & Commissions

Whether you are interested in economic development, library programs, historical preservation, tree preservation, recreational activities, public safety, land use practices, or sustainability, the City of Forest Grove has opportunities for you to volunteer your time and talents. Citizen volunteers play a large role in city government, staffing and overseeing key commissions and committees.

The City of Forest Grove has 11 advisory boards, committees and decision-making commissions appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council.  Each is unique in its size, meeting schedule, and specific function; however, the overall mission is the same: to make Forest Grove “A Place Where Families and Businesses Thrive".  Watch the video to see the 2013 Recognition Dinner held January 17, 2013.

Citizens who serve on the City advisory boards, committees and commissions perform a community service by using their skills, interests and initiatives to make a difference.  The Mayor and Council rely heavily on citizen and student volunteers to study special community issues, provide direction, obtain public comment on key projects, and take action or offer recommendation on a number of community-related issues. 

The City Council recently established a new Sustainability Commission.  This commission will focus on all three aspects of sustainability ~ social equity, environmental health, and economic prosperity.

If you wish to apply for any of the City advisory boards, committees, or commissions, simply complete the application by clicking on this link: B&C APPLICATION.  You may apply at any time, regardless of whether there is a current opening as vacancies occur throughout the year. Members must commit to approximately two or three hours per month to meetings and activities. Selection is based on application questions, interview, and a willingness to serve.  The Mayor and City Council appreciate your interest and your aspiration to serve Forest Grove.

If you wish to seek reappointment, simply complete the application by clicking on this link:  B&C REAPPOINTMENT APPLICATION.   

STUDENT ADVISORY APPLICATION: By serving as a student advisor on a board, committee, or commission, students get an opportunity to share their views and ideas on a variety of community and youth-related issues firsthand with the Mayor and City Council and other City representatives.  Students will have the opportunity to share how city government can be more responsive to youth-related issues and needs. Students will receive an excellent opportunity to make a positive impact in Forest Grove by getting involved in various City programs and participating in diverse, high-profile community projects and events.  More importantly, we hope that students learn and appreciate the importance of civic responsibility and involvement.  To be eligible, students must reside in Forest Grove and must be enrolled in college, high school or being homeschooled. Students must commit to approximately two or three hours per month to meetings and activities.  Selection is based on the application questions, interview, and a willingness to serve.

For additional information regarding the above-noted boards, committees or commissions, please contact the City Recorder’s Office at 503.992.3235.

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