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Engineering Department: Excavation Permit


An excavation permit must be obtained for any work within the public right-of-way or easement that involves excavation, connection to or construction of public storm drainage or sanitary sewer facilities, including installation of concrete drive approaches or sidewalks.

Prior to beginning work within the public right-of-way or easement, the following items shall be submitted by the developer or contractor to the Engineering Department (contractors working on concrete drive approaches and/or sidewalks only need to complete Item 5):

  1. Improvement Plans for review by this office.
  2. One-Year Performance Bond - equal to the amount of construction improvements within the right of way, as estimated by this office, but not less than $5,000.  The one-year surety starts after work covered by permit is accepted.  (City Code 3.225)
  3. Public Liability Insurance, naming City as additional insured, for not less than $100,000 for injuries to any one person, including accidental death and not less than $300,000 for any one accident.
  4. Property Damage Insurance, naming City as additional insured, for not less than $100,000.
  5. Completed Excavation Permit and paid fee (City Code 3.205 through 3.230).  The Engineering Department only accepts cash and check payments.

Bond and insurance forms are to be included with application submittal. 

Please note:  Private contractors are required to have a City Business License prior to obtaining a permit to work in the City.  

Utility companies covered under franchise agreements (i.e., *Frontier, Northwest Natural Gas, Comcast Cable) must comply with Items 1 and 5. If work is performed by a private contractor on behalf of a franchised utility, a copy of the contractor’s Insurance and Performance Bond to the utility must be submitted in addition to Items 1 and 5.  *Utility companies are exempt from permit fee.

Click here for a list of viewable and printable City Standard Design Details for sidewalks, signage, streets and water.


Oregon law requires you to follow rules adopted by the Oregon Utility Notification Center. Those rules are set forth in OAR 952-001-0010 through OAR 952-001-0090. You may obtain a copy of the rules by calling the Oregon Utility Notification Center at 811 or 800.332.2344 or click here for additional information.

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