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Engineering: Public Way Use Permit

The Public Way Use permit, was adopted by City Council on November 23, 2009, and became effective on December 23, 2009.  The purpose of Code Sections 3.900 through 3.940 (Permitted Uses of the Public Way) is to reduce congestion and unsightly clutter, to keep public rights-of-way clear for safe and convenient travel by pedestrians, and to protect the City from claims of liability based upon the placement of obstructions within the public way. Obstructions permitted by a city, county, regional, state, or federal agency are exempt from the provisions of this Code.  

The Public Way Use permit was amended on July 11, 2011, (effective August 11, 2011), to allow for greater latitude to place signs in the public right of way.  The amendment allows businesses the option of having an off-site portable sign (with written permission from the property owner) or a City designated, tourist-oriented sign (TOS) for the purpose of advertising their business.   

The amendment also allows real estate open house (or directional) signs and garage sale signs, in the public right of way, from Friday at 6am until Sunday at 6pm.  Each event is allowed two offsite signs - no permit is required for such signs.  All signs must be removed promptly from the public right of way by 6pm on Sunday.  Under no circumstance, are signs of any kind allowed on City property (fire hydrant, traffic signal controller, traffic sign, light pole, utilty pole, or street tree, etc), as stated in Section 3.910(b) of the Code.   

Placing obstructions (portable signs including sandwich boards, benches, tables and chairs, trash receptacles, etc) in the public right of way (public street, road, sidewalk, or public easement) requires a Public Way Use permit.  For information pertaining to the Public Way Use Code, click here.  To download a Public Way Use permit application, click here.


Updated September 7, 2011