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Fire Department: Fire Prevention

It is the goal of the The Forest Grove Fire & Rescue Fire and Life Safety Division to prevent the loss of life and property from fire by reducing the frequency and severity of fires in our community.

We work to accomplish this goal by providing the following services to the Community:

  • Public Education
  • Public Information - using traditional (print, radio, television), web based, and social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and our fire blog
  • Fire Safety Inspections of commercial occupancies
  • New construction plan review
  • Fire Cause Investigations
  • Intervention for youths who misuse fire 
  • Home Safety Evaluations at the request of the homeowner 
  • Residential Smoke Alarm Assistance Program

Fire and Life Safety Fact Sheets and Brochures (English):


Fire and Life Safety Fact Sheets (Spanish)


Check back often, Spanish options will be coming soon!


Forms to help you be safe in our community

Emergency Medical Information Form
- Use this form so our Paramedics have detailed information about your medical history and can provide the very best emergency medical care possible.  Fill this out online, print it off, and stick it to your refrigerator.  This form is bright RED so that it can be easily spotted by our crews.  Save this form as a document on your computer and you will be able to fill it out and then print it off before putting it up on your refrigerator.

School Fire Drill Record - The Oregon Fire Code requires that educational occupancies through the 12th grade complete a fire drill once a month.  This must be seperate from a lockdown/lockout, or earthquake drill.  Use this form to record your fire drills and for your records. 

Business Fire Safety Checklist - Help ensure your business is safe, and prepare yourself for the common items that we evaluate during a fire safety inspection.    


Fire safety coloring & activity sheets for the kids


Home exitsNemeyer FPW HC

Family fire escape map

Dial 911 during an emergency

Never touch matches and lighters

Prevent home fires

School fire drills

Smoke alarms

Burn prevention