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Fire Department: Residential Construction Requirements

Building a new home can be one of the most joyful events in your life. Helping your fire department find and access your home when seconds count can help keep your home and family safe for years to come. 

The Oregon Fire Code Applications Guide will help explain some of the most common fire code requirements for roadways that will serve your property.

It is important that once the roadway is in for your property that you continue to make it accessible by trimming back brush and low hanging branches from the roadway, and always be sure that you address is visible from the street.  When homes are built in areas considered wild land interface it is very important that adequate fire breaks are also provided for the home. 

In areas where the forest land is near your home we have an extra set of requirements seperate from the standard fire department access concerns to protect your home from a wildfire and prevent a house fire from expanding to the woods.  An adequate primary and secondary fire break can prevent a forest fire from damaging your home, and it can stop a building fire from burning into the forest land.  Generally a primary fire break of at least 30 feet around the home where there are no trees, brush, or combustible material is needed.  Beyond this initial primary fire break, an extra 100 feet of secondary fire break where no limbs and brush are within 8 feet of the ground is needed.  Areas where the terrain is steep may need increased fire breaks to adequately protect your home.

For additional information, to schedule a new construction access inspection, or to have your home’s fire safety evaluated, contact our office at 503.992.3240 and we would be happy to assist your fire safety needs.