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Fire Department: Open Burning Information


Outdoor Burning



Inside the City of Forest Grove, burning of yard debris is allowed on DEQ approved burn days between March 1 and June 15th.

Inside the City of Cornelius there is NO yard debris burning allowed at any time during the year.

Outside of the Cities of Forest Grove and Cornelius, burning of yard debris is allowed March 1 to June 15, as well as October 1 to December 15.

Agricultural burning is allowed year round (except for during summer's fire season), but to be considered agricultural, the debris being burned must be natural materials from a for profit farming operation.  Animal remains cannot be burned.   

Burning of trash, construction debris, and household waste is not allowed any time of year.

Small recreational fires for warming or cooking are allowed year round, but in the summer months require special permit if you live close to timber land.  Contact the Oregon Department of Forestry at 503-357-2191 for additional details on campfire permits. 



A clear bare dirt fire break is required around your burn pile.  This bare dirt area must be one and a half times the height of your burn pile.  For instance if your burn pile is 4 feet tall, the bare dirt fire break must be at least 6 feet in all directions around the burn pile.

You must attend your burn pile at all times, and shall have a garden hose, and firefighting tools like rakes or shovels, with you during the burning.

Locate your burn pile well away from any structures, fences, trees, and brush.

Soak your burned area when you are done, stir the area up with your shovel, and soak it thoroughly once more.  Continue this until the area is cool to the touch.


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