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Historic Landmarks Board: Historic District Design Guidelines

Forest Grove has a rich architectural heritage of homes and buildings that include examples of Greek Revival, American Farmhouse, Stick Victorian, Four Square, Dutch Colonial, Craftsman Bungalow, Queen Anne and other styles. The Forest Grove Historic Landmark’s Board (HLB) has developed a set of guidelines and recommendations to assist owners as they restore and preserve landmarks.

The five guidelines are simply stated:

A. Maintain the architectural design, pattern, and details of the original construction and site.

B. Maintain the original materials of the building(s) and their construction.

C. Maintain the original colors, or use colors that are consistent with the architectural concepts of the building(s) and site.

D. Adopt landscaping and grounds characteristics that are consistent with the architecture of the building and site.

E. Avoid new construction or additions to the site, or include them in a way that they aren’t visible from the street.

The guidelines convey the document’s themes. The heart of the document consists of the extended and illustrated recommendations that follow the guidelines in the first appendix. They offer historic property owners specific suggestions on how they could apply the guidelines for different parts of the building or property, such as for porches, landscaping, roofs, exteriors, doors and windows, outbuildings, and many others.

The Forest Grove Historic District Design Guidelines were compiled by historic preservation consultant Michelle Dennis. They were later organized and formatted for publication by Neil Poulsen, and in an outreach effort, were comprehensively reviewed by Forest Grove historic preservation notables Carol Drew, Terry Harris, Cheryl Hunter, and Mary Jo Morelli. The document received its final review by Landmark Board members and by the Landmark Board’s City Council Liaison, Councilor Elena Uhing.

HLB continues to review and discuss the design guidelines. Comments, in the meantime, can be sent to James Reitz, Senior Planner, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .