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Historic Landmarks Board

We're proud of our history here in Forest Grove and value our distinctive architectural and cultural resources.

OscarBrown-Housepainting2.jpgForest Grove possesses a significant concentration of historic buildings in a small geographic area like no other in the State of Oregon. The buildings in our historic neighborhoods represent a variety of architectural styles, craftsmanship and development patterns that helped shape Forest Grove and make our city what it is today.

Forest Grove's Historic Landmarks Board was created to help retain the integrity of its historic neighborhoods. The Historic Landmarks Board is formed from members of the community appointed by the mayor. The Board reviews applications for new construction, exterior alteration, additions and demolitions for the buildings in Forest Grove's three National Register Historic District including Clark (115 resources), Walker / Naylor (83 resources) and Painter’s Woods (37 resources), as well as approximately 33 additional buildings outside of all the districts that have been determined to be significant historic resources.

The Forest Grove Historic Landmarks Board’s renovation grant program makes funds available to property owners of registered historic buildings desiring to make exterior rehabilitation or renovation improvements.

If you would like to be a member of Historic Landmarks Board, please consider joining us.  

The Board meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:15 p.m. in the Community Auditorium Conference Room. (4-Year Term)

Historic Landmarks Board Members:Staff Liaison: Community Development Director

Neil Poulsen, Chair

Term Expires 12/31/16

Holly Tsur, Vice Chair

Term Expires 12/31/17

George Cushing, Secretary

Term Expires 12/31/17

Jennifer Brent

Term Expires 12/31/17

Kaylene Toews

Term Expires 12/31/14

Larry Wade

Term Expires 12/31/14


Term Expires 12/31/16

Student Advisor Vacancy



Meetings and Agendas

 Draft Historic District Guidelines Draft Historic District Guidelines

Draft Historic District Guidelines Draft Historic Development Code Provisions