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Light & Power: Banner Information

Banner Policy & Reservation InformationL&P-banner.jpgAs a public service, the Light & Power Department will install informational banners that announce an event of general interest to the community. The event can be sponsored by a club, association, or other non-profit organization, or by local government. If the event is sponsored by a local business, the event must be non-revenue generating. Banners may not advocate a political position, candidate or party and may not state any religious belief or doctrine.

Banners may be hung for a week at a time from Monday to Monday at one of two locations:


  1. Across Pacific Avenue near the Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Across 19th Avenue near the public parking lot.

Banners must be constructed according to specifications.
Please contact the Light & Power Department for details.

Reservations may be made 90 days prior to the date of installation.
To check availability, call 503.992.3250.