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Light & Power: Pure Power Renewable Energy

Forest Grove Light & Power is a proud supporter of renewable energy. Now you can be, too.  Sign up for Pure Power online by filling out the online form or find more information and answers to frequently asked questions.



What is renewable energy?

Renewable resources or green energy is electricity produced in an environmentally friendly manner.  Sources of green energy include the sun, wind, biogas, geothermal and hydro (water).  Unlike fossil fuels, green energy is not processed, harmful or depletable.  Forest Grove Light & Power offers green power generated by wind turbines located in eastern Oregon and Washington.


How will the green energy be delivered to my home?

Electricity generated by wind power will be fed into the overall power supply and transmitted to your home the same way that we deliver your power now.  You will not need any additional equipment, nor notice any difference in the electricity you use in your home.


How much does Pure Power cost?

Although wind power is very affordable, it still costs slightly more than electricity produced by fossil fuels.  Forest Grove Light & Power customers have the opportunity to purchase green power in monthly blocks of 200 kilowatt hours.  Each 200 KWH block costs $4 per month, which will be added to your electric bill.  Each customer may purchase as many $4 blocks as they want.  (For reference, the average household uses around 1100 KWH per month.)

For around the price of a single latté each month, you could eliminate 3000 pounds of pollution from the air in a year.