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Light & Power: Residential Conservation Programs


Weatherization is a program for City of Forest Grove Light & Power customers that have electrically heated homes.

Eligibility: All Forest Grove Light & Power single and multi-family residential customers with permanently installed electric heat are eligible. City of Forest Grove Light & Power has cash incentives for the installation of pre-approved cost-effective energy saving measures. Residential energy audits are provided for customers who wish to install eligible energy-saving measures in homes built prior to 2007. Certified contractors will install recommended measures and Forest Grove Light & Power will verify all installed measures.

*Incentives for manufactured homes may differ from incentives for site-built homes.  The incentive payment by the City of Forest Grove cannot exceed the total cost of the energy-saving measure.

Call 503.992.3253 for program details prior to selecting system or installer.

High Efficiency Heat Pump Program

Eligibility: All Forest Grove Light & Power residential customers living in single family homes.

Heat pumps for homes with central duct system
Residential ductless heat pump program


Energy Efficient Appliance Program 

Cash incentives are available for many Energy-Star rated appliances. State tax credits may be available for some appliances as well.

Eligibility: All Forest Grove Light & Power customers. Certain electrical appliances and electric hot water heaters qualify for energy efficiency rebates. Homes with an electric water heater may be eligible for additional efficiency rebates. Forest Grove Light & Power customers can claim the rebate at 1818 B St., or mail the appliance rebate form to P.O. Box 326. Customers must provide a receipt with their name, address, model number, and the type of appliance purchased. For customers installing a heat pump water heater (HPWH), please call 503-992-3253 & we will send a HPWH form to you.

Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling Program

In cooperation with Forest Grove Light & Power, JACO Environmental will pick up used refrigerators and freezers at no charge to the customer.  Customers will receive a $30 rebate for their used appliance. 

Refrigerators built prior to 1990 can use two to three times more energy than a new high-efficiency unit.  Replacing an old fridge can save up to $140 per year in energy costs.  When a refrigerator is recycled, 95% of the components of the old unit are reused and the hazardous materials in the insulation are disposed of safely.

Eligibility: Residential Forest Grove Light & Power customers.  Offer is limited to two units per residential address.  The unit must be owned by the rebate recipient, be in working condition, and measure 10 cubic feet or more.  A rebate check will be mailed four to six weeks after the unit is picked up.

Customers can call 1.866.444.8907 to request a pickup,
or visit JACO Environmental to schedule a pickup. 

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