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Light & Power: Surge Protection and Power Quality

Whole House Surge Protection

Power surges can be generated in several ways. A disturbance can occur on the power line coming up to your home. The line is exposed to potential disturbances along its entire length. One common cause of surges is lightning. These high-energy surges can enter a home through the electric service entrance. Once the surge enters the building, electric wiring and equipment can be damaged.

Forest Grove Light & Power can install and maintain a whole house surge protector at the meter base for a monthly fee of $4.50.

Surge Protection Features and Details

  • Safely dissipates lightning-induced impulses
  • Protects against temporary over voltage condition
  • Prevents damage to computers, faxes, copiers, VCRs, TVs, stereos and other AC powered electronic/electric equipment.
  • Guaranteed under manufacturer warranty

Call 503.992.3296 to request installation or for additional information on Power Quality.