WED, AUGUST 20, 2014
City Hall
City Hall
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Municipal Court: Parking Citations

You must respond to a parking ticket within 10 days of the issue date.

After 10 days, if no action is taken on your part the fine will double. DO NOT MAIL CASH. Please make check or money order payable to the City of Forest Grove. Place payment in ticket envelope and mail or deliver payment to City Hall. You may provide a written explanation with your fine payment. Your explanation is a waiver of your right to a hearing. The Court will consider your written explanation and either levy the fine or refund all or a portion of it to you.  Please include your current mailing address.

To plead not guilty and schedule a hearing you must appear in person before the court clerk at City Hall during normal business hours. There will be a $15.00 trial fee added to the fine if you are found guilty at trial. You may request a trial by affidavit pursuant to the Court’s established policy. There will be no additional trial fee imposed for a trial by affidavit.

Failure to respond to a parking citation may result in the citation being turned over to collections at which time a 25% fee is added in addition to the cost of the fine and court fees. 

If the Court receives 3 or more unpaid parking citations on a vehicle, the Court can request that the vehicle be towed or immobilized at the owner's expense and the vehicle will not be released until the fines and fees are paid in full.