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Municipal Court: Programs Offered by the Court


Vehicle Compliance Program If the officer gave you a green vehicle compliance form when you received your citation, you may be eligible for our vehicle compliance program. 

If you correct the violation before you are scheduled to appear in court, the violations bureau may be able to dismiss your citation for a $35 administrative fee. This fee is due in full at the time your citation is dismissed. You must be able to provide proof you corrected the violation. You can do this by bringing the vehicle or item to the violations bureau during normal business hours. You must appear no later than 4:30 p.m. the business day prior to your scheduled court appearance. You are only eligible for this program if you have not been convicted of the same violation nor had the same violation dismissed by the violations bureau previously. Please wait at least 7 days after receiving the citation to insure it has been filed with the court.  The following violations qualify for the program:

803.220 Failure to change vehicle registration
803.300 Failure to register vehicle
803.325 Purchase and use of out-of-state registered vehicle
803.455 Failure to renew vehicle registration
803.505 Failure to carry registration
803.540 Failure to display license plates
803.545 Failure to display out-of-state plates
803.560 Improper display of stickers
803.635  Improper use of trip permit 
803.655  Improper display of trip permit 
807.420 Fail to change information on ID card

Fail to change information on license

811.225 Failure to maintain safety belts in working order
811.615  Unlawful parking in disabled space
815.160 Unlawful use of metal objects on tires
815.185 Improper fenders/mud flaps
815.200 Visible emissions
815.220  Obstruction of vehicle windows 
815.222 Illegal window tinting
815.250 Operation w/out proper exhaust system
815.280 Violation of bicycle equipment
815.300  Operation with non standard lighting equipment
816.330 Operation without required ighting equipment
816.360 Use of prohibited lighting equipment

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Seatbelt/ Endangering Child Passenger Program If you have received a citation for violation of Oregon’s seatbelt law, you may qualify to enter our seatbelt/endangering child passenger program and upon completion of the program, have the citation dismissed. You are not eligible for the program if you have a prior seatbelt conviction, if you have previously participated in a seatbelt safety program or per ORS 153.090(7) if you hold a vaild CDL.

To sign up for the program you must come in on or before your court date and enter a plea of guilty or no contest.  The total cost of the program is $50 which is due when you register with the Court.  The Court will then determine which class you attend, a seatbelt education class or a child passenger safety check-up event.  Yoy must return your certificate of completion to the court by the date given by the court. Upon successful completion of the program, the citation is dismissed.

Registration can only be done in person at the court office or on your arraignment date when you see the Judge. If you are coming to the court office to register please wait at least 7 days after receiving your citation to assure your citation has been filed.

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Alcohol/Drug Program If you have been cited for Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Possession of less than an ounce of Marijuana you may qualify for our alcohol/drug program. This program is only offered by the Judge at your arraignment if you enter a plea of guilty. To successfully complete the program you must pay an administrative fee to the court, pay to attend a court approved drug/alcohol class, and have no other drug or alcohol violations for a period of 6 months. If you successfully complete the program, your citation will be dismissed.

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Juvenile Traffic School Program If you have been cited for a traffic violation and are between the ages of 15 and 19 and are attending school you may be allowed to participate in a juvenile traffic school program. This program is only offered by the Judge at your arraignment if you enter a plea of guilty and are otherwise eligible. To successfully complete the program, you must pay an administrative fee to the court, attend a court approved traffic class at your own expense, maintain a valid driver’s license and insurance, and receive no new citations for a period of 6 months. If you successfully complete the program your citation will be dismissed.

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Insurance Violations 

If you have been cited for Failure to Carry Proof of Insurance, you may come to the court office prior to your court date and show the clerk valid proof of compliance with financial responsibility requirements at the time of the violation.  The clerk will verify the proof is valid by contacting the listed insurer.  If valid proof is confirmed the charge will be dismissed.  If you are unable to provide valid proof of coverage at the time of the violation, but have since acquired insurance, the fine may be reduced based upon your driving record.

If you were cited for Driving Uninsured, but are now able to provide valid proof to the court you are now insured, the fine may be reduce based upon your driving record.  If you submit valid proof to the court you were in compliance with the financial responsibility requirements at the time of the violation, the driving uninsured charge may be dismissed.  The court will call the listed insurer to confirm the policy is valid before the fine is reduced or the charge dismissed.  DMV may require an SR-22 for this conviction.

In either case please wait at least one week after being cited to insure your citation has been received by the court.  If you plead Not Guilty, the matter will be set for trial.

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