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Police Department: Graffiti FAQ's

Q:How do I report graffiti?

A:Graffiti should be reported to the Forest Grove Police Department through the Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency (WCCCA) by calling:


This ensures your report will be documented and investigated by the Forest Grove Police Department.

If you see graffiti being applied, it is appropriate to call 911 since this is a crime in progress.

Q:How do I remove graffiti?

A:Graffiti should be removed as soon as possible. This reinforces the collective ownership of our community image and helps in the physical removal process.

The City of Forest Grove makes no specific recommendations and advises community members to research the best method of clean-up for their specific circumstances.

The following websites have recommendations for graffiti clean-up:

Q:How long do I have to clean up graffiti?

A:According to the Forest Grove City Ordinance 5.180(1), "The owner, occupant or responsible party of any property within the City shall remove any graffiti from that property within 10 days of the graffiti's appearance or discovery."

Q:What if I need more time to clean up the graffiti or physically cannot clean up the graffiti?

A:Forest Grove City Ordinance 5.180(5) reads, "The person served with the notice who is unable to remove, or cause to remove, the graffiti within 10 days due to a hardship may apply to the City Manager for an extension of time or alternate resolution such as volunteer or community service clean up. For purposes of this subsection, "hardship" means serious illness or disability, extremely inclement weather that temporarily prevents removal of the graffiti, or other extraordinary circumstance.

To request an extension of time or alternate resolution, contact the Forest Grove Community Service Officers at 503-992-3260.