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Project Bids and Construction Status



None at this time.


Redevelopment of the Times Litho Site:  Responses Due by 4:00 p.m. Friday, May 2, 2014

Notice  is hereby given that the City of Forest Grove ("City")  is requesting letter of interest and qualifications for the redevelopment of the Times Litho Site.  The City of Forest Grove desires to work in partnership with the Development Team to facilitate development of the subject site to meet the following objectives:

  • Enhance the downtown
  • Be a catalyst that will help encourage additional new investment/development; result in flow of bringing people downtown
  • Contains a destination element to draw people downtown –such as a park or plaza
  • Attracts retail such as a grocery store
  • Contains market rate housing only; no subsidized rental units.

The City is looking for a coordinated, cohesive concept plan for the entire site.  The concept plan diagram does not need to be detailed at this point (e.g., a bubble diagram or schematics of the site).  Even if a development team ultimately plans to only propose to develop a portion of the site, the City needs an overall concept plan for the entire site to evaluate how the whole site could be developed. Development on the site must complement and connect with the existing downtown business district to the east.

Questions about any matter contained in the Request For Qualifications should be emailed Jeff King, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , no later than ten (10) business days prior to the deadline.  Supporting material:  Times Litho Property Market Analysis


Engineering Department Project Updates:


23rd Ave Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project:  Jan. 20th - April 20th, 2014
The City of Forest Grove is partnering with Clean Water Services to rehabilitate Sanitary Sewer mainlines and laterals in the vicinity of 23rd Avenue at B Street. Project limits will be as follows:  23rd Avenue from A Street to D Street, B Street from 23rd Avenue to Covey Run Drive, and Gales Way from 23rd Avenue to Tara Court.  The project includes replacing approximately 3600 feet of 8" clay mainline, 75 laterals, and 11 manholes on private property and within the public right of way.  Canby Excavation Inc. will be the main contractor performing this work which has been projected to span nearly 3 months and should begin as early as January 20th.  During this 3 month span you can expect road closures and traffic delays with local access remaining open. 

If you have questions and/or concerns with this project feel free to contact Clean Water Services-Project Manager Joe Dvorak at (503)681-3600 or City of Forest Grove-Public Works at (503)992-3258.  We do appreciate your patience as we progress through improvements to the sanitary infrastructure in this area. 

Safe Routes To School Grant - Harvey Clarke - B Street Sidewalks

City staff is currently working with Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) staff to complete a project prospectus and environmental worksheet. After completion of the prospectus, the City and ODOT will enter into an agreement for project funding and retain a design consultant. A notice was recently sent to effected property owners in the area explaining the process and aspects of the project. Notice will be sent regarding neighborhood/public meetings in the near future. Construction is anticipated to start summer 2014. If you have questions, please call Nick Kelsay in the Engineering Office, at 503.992.3228.

Sidewalk Improvement Program (SIP)
If you are interested in participating in the next phase of the SIP, please contact the Engineering Office at 503.992.3228. We are currently contacting property owners and plan to start construction in the Fall. Below are before and after photos of a sidewalk repair.