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Public Works: Streets

The Streets Division’s primary mission is to construct and maintain a street system that will provide safe and efficient transportation.

The Street Division is responsible for resurfacing, repairing and maintaining 78 miles of City streets, the City bicycle paths, street signs and street markings.  The maintenance of City streets includes street sweeping, crack sealing, pothole repair, snow removal and sanding, de-icing, and maintenance overlays.  

The Street Fund is a special revenue fund operated for the specific purpose of building and maintaining streets and related infrastructure within the City of Forest Grove.  This service area is responsible for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the streets, alleyways, and signs.  Employees provide customer service by responding to emergencies involving these responsibilities and as well as citizen concerns.  Principle funding to the Street Fund is the State of Oregon gasoline tax apportionment paid to the City.  Additional funds come from the 2001 Oregon Transportation Investment Act.

Street Leaf Schedule 
Click here to view the 2013/2014 Street Leaf Pickup Schedule.  Street Leaf Program is part of the Surface Water Management Program

PLEASE BE ADVISED that piles of leaves in the street are tempting for motorists to drive through and for young children to play in.  Parents, please inform your children of the dangers associated with playing in or around roadways at all times.  Also, all citizens should encourage street smarts and safety with family, friends and neighbors.   


Street Sweeping Program   
The Division is responsible for sweeping every City street once a month.  Streets in the City's downtown area are swept every two weeks.

Winter Road Operations   
The Division coordinates winter road operations with ODOT, County Road Departments, and Municipal Public Works Agencies through the Cooperative Public Agencies of Washington County.  The City's Street Department does not have sufficient operational resources to inspect all 78 miles of roadways for weather-related hazards, during, after or in anticipation of a storm, and may not have resources to correct all known hazardous conditions. 

To make the best use of our resources, we identified priority routes (see map) that provide access to critical facilities, emergency services, and major highways (Highway 47 and Highway 8).  The streets identified as emergency routes will receive attention first.  Residential and local access streets will be serviced only when arterial and collector routes have been cleared and maintained.  For additional winter road operation information, click here



Washington County Road Projects 
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