SAT, JULY 26, 2014
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Emergency Preparedness



After Hour Power Outages or Street Emergency, call 503.412.2444

Forest Grove Winter Road Operations

Follow our Public Safety Agencies Social Media for updates:

Fire Department Facebook
Police Department Facebook
Fire Department Twitter
Police Department Twitter for Washington County Winter Road Operations and Sandbag Locations  for flooding situations. for Conditions on State Highways

Severe Weather Shelter is hosted at the Forest Grove United Church of Christ on 2032 College Way.  The shelter is a community-based effort to provide safe space overnight for those without homes when outside temperatures drop below 32F for three nights in a row.  The Shelteroperates from 7pm to 7am and provides dinner and breakfast.  Please call FG UCC at 503.357.9121 to confirm if the shelter is open.


Why Prepare For Disaster?
Disaster can strike without warning, forcing you to go for days without basic necessities or to evacuate your home. Relief workers will be on the scene following a disaster, but may not be able to reach you immediately.

You need to be prepared. Knowing the steps to take during a disaster -- whether flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes or another crisis -- can greatly reduce the danger and distress your family may face. This information will help you and your family plan for a variety of emergency situations, persevere during them and recover afterward.

Familiarize yourself with a variety of hazards and what to do. Even if some are not likely to be a danger in your community, you may encounter them during your travels.

Resources To Help You Prepare:

Take 5 to Survive - 5 minute projects that you can do now to be ready later

Make a Plan - Making a plan ahead of time is key to getting through a disaster

Public Alerts - Sign up to recieve notice of emergency situations in your area on your phone

Emergency Information Form - Download this form to your computer, fill it out, print it off, attach it to your refrigerator so responders can find it easily. 


Updated September 18, 2013