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Wildlife Nuisances

Many people enjoy feeding wildlife because it allows them to have closer contact with these animals. Often, they think they are helping the animals to survive, especially in an urban environment. They could not be more incorrect. Wild animals that are in your neighborhood have survived because there is available food, water, and shelter. Most urban wildlife eat a variety of vegetation and small vertebrates (such as mice) which are plentiful even in the most settled residential neighborhoods. If an animal is in your neighborhood, you can be assured that there is plenty of food available, or the animal would simply not be living there. For centuries, these animals have existed without our need to feed them. This is still the case. While feeding the animals can be fun for humans, it is usually detrimental for the animals, and will harm them more than it helps them. Feeding wildlife also puts humans, domesticate animals, and both personal and public property at risk.

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife 

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