The City of Forest Grove/Cornelius Building Division is responsible for providing Fire / Life Safety Plan Reviews and field inspection services for all structural, mechanical, and plumbing projects consistent with adopted city codes and planning approvals. The division also is responsible for the enforcement of building-related codes and requirements.

Contractor Search

The Oregon Construction Contractor's Board- License Search. The most accurate way to look up a license is with a CCB license number. Contractors must put this number on their advertising, including brochures, websites, and business cards. Ask the contractor for their license number, if necessary.

Residential Submittal Requirements

Please visit the Camino website for a tutorial on residential submittal requirements.

Permitting Website

If you are a contractor, permits can be pulled online through the State's e-permitting website. Electronic plan review is also available, however, please contact us to discuss if paper submittals are still needed for your larger projects.

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