Meeting and Study Rooms

Rogers Room

The Rogers Room is a low-cost meeting room in downtown Forest Grove. Its location makes it a desirable and convenient location for an event. The maximum number of attendees in the Rogers Room for an event is 70. There are adequate chairs and tables for 70 attendees. No kitchen or food preparation area is available. Dishes cannot be cleaned at the library, any kind of food or drink service for an event is limited. Kitchen and cleaning supplies are not provided.

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History Room

The History Room is limited to 1 to 6 people and is intended for historical research and study. The room includes the use of a microfilm reader and printer.

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Study Rooms A and B

There is no charge for the use of study rooms A and B and a library card is not required. Reservations are required and there is a limit of 2 hours per day per individual/group. Patrons will be required to leave the room at the end of their reservation even if the room is not booked. Study Rooms A and B are limited to 1 to 2 people and are intended for studying and quiet conversations.

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