Municipal Court

The City of Forest Grove Municipal Court is also responsible for the operation of the Cornelius Municipal Court. The Municipal Court provides due provides due process to it's citizens by processing parking, traffic and city code violations through court hearings and the Violations Bureau. 


If you prefer not to come to Court. You may handle you citation in the following ways:

Phone or City Hall Option

Before your court hearing date, you can meet with the Clerk by phone or in person at City Hall during office hours to enter a plea.  Call 503-992-3268 for information or to see if you qualify for a reduction.

  • The Clerk may be able to reduce your fine based on your driving record
  • The Clerk can offer a payment plan if you can't pay the fine in full.
  • The Clerk can also accept a Not Guilty plea and set your case for trial.  

Plea of No Contest by Mail

See option Number 2 on back of citation

  • Sign your citation indicating a plea of no contest and mail it with a check or money order for the amount of the fine.  You can also drop it off at City Hall.
  • You may include a letter of explanation for the Judge to consider, the Judge may reduce the fine after considering your letter and driving record.  We will mail any refund to you.

Plea of Not Guilty by Mail:  (option Number 3 on back of citation)

  • Sign option 3 on back of citation and mail it in.  Make sure the Court has your current mailing address.