Crime Prevention

The Police Department takes pride in its service, professionalism, and relationship with citizens, businesses, and civic and non-profit organizations. The Department hosts and participates in various events and programs throughout the year for the public to meet officers, ask questions, raise concerns, or learn how to partner with us for a safer community.

Neighborhood Watch and Community Safety Programs

Neighborhood Watch (NW) exists to help residents be more observant. NW programs teach participants techniques to reduce the risk of being victimized at home, in their vehicles, public places, and make their property more secure. NW members often are more connected with the Police Department and more informed about goings-on in their neighborhood.

Scam Prevention Presentations

Scam education and prevention workshops are open to any local community groups, civic clubs, religious organizations, assisted living facilities, neighborhood watch programs, HOAs and apartment complexes, and any other community group. We ask that groups have at least ten adults in attendance. Contact us with your requested and alternate dates and times. At this time, we cannot accommodate groups on Wednesday afternoons/evenings. Weekend presentations are available upon request.