Records Requests

It is the policy of the City of Forest Grove to ensure all requests for public records are handled consistent with the applicable Oregon Public Records Law. Under Oregon law, police reports may be released once the case has been closed.

Requests  must be made in writing to the Police Department.

To request police public record(s) use the online submission form or use the fillable PDF form.

Alternatively, you can come into the police department and fill one out in our lobby.

Submit Request by Fillable PDF

Delivery of Records

In accordance with ORS 192.440(2), the City will do its best to process requests and provide public records as quickly as possible. Please allow 2-5 business days for records staff to acknowledge the request and up to 10 business days to provide records unless the request is non-routine.

  • If the cost is estimated to exceed $25 and/or the time required to respond to a request exceeds 10 business days, the requester will receive written notification. The law establishes a baseline expectation that public bodies will complete their responses no later than 15 business days after receiving the request. A public body unable to meet the 15 business-day deadline must notify the requester in writing that the request is still being processed and provide the requester with a reasonable estimated date of completion.
  • ORS 192.324(4)(a) authorizes the City to establish fees to reimburse for the actual costs of making public records available. The City shall waive the first 30 minutes of staff time. The requester may be required to pay the additional cost to fulfill the records request. Fees are sometimes waived or reduced if doing so is in the public interest. Costs may include "summarizing, compiling and/or tailoring the public records, either in organization or media, to meet the person's request". As well as actual costs for time spent by the City Attorney.
  • If records are exempt from public disclosure, specific reason(s) will be provided.
  • A public records denial may be appealed free of charge to the Washington County District Attorney. Denials of requests for fee waivers or reductions may also be appealed. If the District Attorney denies the appeal, the requester may file a lawsuit challenging the ruling in Washington County Circuit Court.

Fee Schedule

ItemFee Schedule (as of July 1, 2023)


$20.25, plus $0.10 per page over 10 pages (1 free copy to victim up to 20 pages)
Color Photograph Print$7.60 per sheet
Citation Copy$7.60
Radar Certification Copy$7.60
Body Camera Footage

$105.60 first 10 minutes

$87.90 for each additional 10 minutes of footage

Staff Research Fee$71.75 per hour
(no charge for the first 90 minutes)
Record Check Letter$20
Release Impounded/Immobilized Vehicle$125
Damage to Boot Immobilizer Fee$134 plus cost to repair/replace boot
Event Security - Officer Reimbursement

$88.50 per hour, plus 10% overhead fee (Per officer - Minimum of 4 hours)

Miscellaneous Permits

ItemFee (as of July 1, 2023)

Temporary Street Closure Permit

Noise Variance Permit$22

See the Event Permit Application (PDF)