The Streets Division's primary mission is to construct and maintain a street system that will provide safe and efficient transportation.


The Street Division is responsible for resurfacing, repairing, and maintaining 78 miles of City streets, the City bicycle paths, street signs, and street markings. The maintenance of City streets includes street sweeping, crack sealing, pothole repair, snow removal, and sanding, de-icing, and maintenance overlays.


The Street Fund is a special revenue fund operated for the specific purpose of building and maintaining streets and related infrastructure within the City of Forest Grove. This service area is responsible for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the streets, alleyways, and signs. Employees provide customer service by responding to emergencies involving these responsibilities and as well as citizen concerns. Principle funding to the Street Fund is the State of Oregon gasoline tax apportionment paid to the City. Additional funds come from the 2001 Oregon Transportation Investment Act.

What to Expect

Before the application of the sealer, some minor pothole patching and street cleaning may be performed. To prevent further oxidation of the surface, a thin layer of rubber-modified emulsion will be applied to the street. Your street will have the appearance of being new again.

Helpful Reminders for a Smooth Operation

The emulsion is very messy and does not clean up easily. It will stick to your car, shoes, clothing, carpet, etc. Do not drive around or move barricades. The sealer will require 3 to 4 hours to solidify before the surface is ready for traffic. Please keep small children and pets inside during this time. In addition, please avoid any water entering the street the night before the expected sealing. It is very important that the street surface be dry. Thank you for your cooperation.

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