The Water Division's primary mission is to provide high-quality water for domestic, commercial, industrial, and recreational use.


The Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of approximately 430,000 linear feet of water main serving over 5,700 customers. These activities include service installation and repair, mainline installation and repair, meter repairs, backflow prevention, fire hydrant repair and maintenance, and emergency response.

Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant's primary mission is to provide high quality and adequate water supply to meet the present and future water needs of the community.

Water Shut-Off

Occasionally homeowners will find they need to have their water shut off at the meter. City policy is that customers or their contractors never turn off the water at the water meter themselves. If you need to have the water shut off at the meter call 503-992-3258 and a City representative will come out and turn your water off for you. 

There is no fee during Public Works business hours but there is a fee after business hours for this service. If a homeowner or contractor attempts to shut off the water at the meter without calling the City and the meter or the water line breaks, all repair expenses will be made at the homeowner's expense.