Erosion Control

Wet Weather Erosion Control Measures (October 1st through May 31st)

Each year, wet weather measures must be established by October 1 and remain effective through May 31 of the following year. Your plans need to contain specific details and information pertaining to wet weather measures that must be implemented on your site. Erosion control perimeter or base measures do not constitute wet weather protection. If you have any questions regarding the specific wet weather measures to be installed, please contact the Engineering Department for additional assistance.

The City of Forest Grove and Clean Water Services require strict compliance with current regulations and wet weather measures outlined in the erosion control plans for your property and/or construction site. Failure to comply may result in the issuance of a Stop Work Order and/or Civil Citation. The Civil Citation carries a maximum penalty of $1,000 per day per violation and possible revocation and suspension of permits.

Please pass this information on to your contractor and subcontractors.

Wet Weather Erosion Control

Any slope 2% or greater must have ground cover protection measures in place by October 1. Grass seed application, either by hand or mechanical hydroseeding, will not provide adequate ground cover protection unless maximum germination is reached by October 1. If seeding is unsuccessful, additional ground cover measures such as straw, yard debris compost, or erosion control blankets must be installed. Any stockpile of gravel or soil must be covered at the end of the workday and as severe weather approaches.

All erosion control facilities and techniques contained in the approved erosion control plan for your site need to be checked and maintained regularly. If the facilities and techniques are not effective, additional measures must be implemented. Maintenance information can be found in the Clean Water Services Construction Standards, Chapter 6 (PDF).

Approved measures and installation procedures are contained in the Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Plans, Technical Guidance Handbook. The manual is available to view and download at the Clean Water Services website.