Community Impact Grant Program

The 2023 Community Impact Grant applications are closed.

The City of Forest Grove Community Impact Grant (Impact Grant) is issuing a new three-year grant opportunity designed to provide funding to a nonprofit organization for a project or program that makes a sustained, targeted impact in a priority area of community concern. The grant is funded from Metro Community Enhancement Program (CEP) funds paid to the City of Forest Grove based on a fee collected on each ton of solid waste collected at the Forest Grove Transfer Station.

The Community Impact Grant is a competitive grant that will be awarded to an organization for a three-year period. Organizations may apply for up to $90,000 in funds to be distributed over a three-year period (maximum $30,000 per year).  Nonprofit organizations are invited to apply for Community Impact Grant funds with proposals for projects or programs that emphasize direct services, innovation and creativity, measurable outcomes, financial sustainability, collaboration with community partners, and other criteria. 

Grant recipients are decided through the Community Enhancement Program Committee.

Capital projects are not eligible. Organizations can apply for both CEP and Impact grants; however, if they are awarded the Impact Grant, they will not be considered for CEP grants.

  • Applicants must be a qualified nonprofit, tax-exempt organization.
  • Only one grant application per 3-year grant cycle will be considered for each organization.
  • Organizations may be named as partners in an application and still be eligible for their own application submittal.
  • Organizations may combine the Impact Grant with non-CEP grand funds and other revenue sources.
  • Projects or programs must be within the City's Urban Growth Boundary (UBG) or benefit citizens within the UGB to be eligible for funding.  
  • Projects or programs must meet at least one or eight Metro-approved goals.  
  • Project or program must not be used to replace any other readily available source of federal, state, local, or regional funds.  
  • Projects must not promote or inhibit religion or discriminate based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

Community Impact Grant Application