Winter Road Operations

The Streets Division coordinates winter road operations with ODOT, County Road Departments, and Municipal Public Works Agencies through the Cooperative Public Agencies of Washington County (CPAWC). The City's Street Department does not have sufficient operational resources to inspect all 78 miles of roadways for weather-related hazards, during, after, or in anticipation of a storm, and may not have resources to correct all known hazardous conditions.

Priority Routes

To make the best use of our resources, we identified priority routes (PDF) that provide access to critical facilities, emergency services, and major highways (Highway 47 and Highway 8). The streets identified as emergency routes will receive attention first. Residential and local access streets will be serviced only when arterial and collector routes have been cleared and maintained.

Who to call? 

To request help or report a road hazard:

  • Life-threatening: emergency response – 911
  • Hazardous road conditions: non-emergency response – 503.629.0111
  • State highways: Oregon Department of Transportation(ODOT)  503.229.5002
  • All City of Forest Grove Streets: Public Works – 503.992.3258
  • All other roads in unincorporated urban and rural Washington County- Road Operations 503.846.7623 or

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