Urban Renewal Agency

The City Council adopted the urban renewal plan for the Forest Grove Town Center and Pacific Avenue/19th Avenue Corridor from C Street to just east of Quince Street beginning June 9, 2014. The primary purpose of the urban renewal plan is to eliminate blight and blighting influences within the proposed urban renewal area; improve land utilization within the urban renewal area; encourage private investment and job creation; and increase the value of real estate within the urban renewal area.

The types of urban renewal activities undertaken to stimulate private investment generally include:

  • development and redevelopment project assistance through low-interest loans or grants,
  • funding for improvements to building exteriors or interiors, 
  • property acquisition from willing sellers and funding for public amenities and infrastructure such as streets, utility lines, lighting, public open spaces, and parks.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide opportunities for public participation in the preparation and adoption of urban renewal plans, plan amendments, and policies.
  • Adopt a prudent annual budget to minimize financial risk to the urban renewal agency and the City of Forest Grove.
  • Improve the local investment climate by reducing financial barriers to development and redevelopment within the urban renewal area.
  • Promote a vibrant forest grove town center through strategic urban renewal investments.

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