Crowds, Events & Gatherings

Crowds, Events & Gatherings - Policy 400.3

400.3 Crowds, Events & Gatherings

  • Officers may encounter gatherings of people, including but not limited to, civil demonstrations, civic, social and business events, public displays, parades and sporting events. Officers should monitor such events as time permits in an effort to keep the peace and protect the safety and rights of those present. A patrol supervisor should be notified when it becomes reasonably foreseeable that such an event may require increased monitoring, contact or intervention.
  • Officers responding to an event or gathering that warrants law enforcement involvement should carefully balance the speech and association rights of those present with applicable public safety concerns before taking enforcement action. Officers are encouraged to contact organizers or responsible persons to seek voluntary compliance that may address relevant public safety/order concerns.
  • Officers should consider enforcement of applicable state and local laws, when the activity blocks the entrance or egress of a facility or location and when voluntary compliance with the law is not achieved.