Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Transparency

Achieving social equity and fairness is critical to the mission of the Forest Grove Police Department. Equity, diversity, inclusion and transparency are essential to Forest Grove's law enforcement operations and effectiveness, and we believe these elements offer pathways to community sustainability and trust.

In respect of those we serve and our staff, the Forest Grove Police Department is fully committed to the following:

  1. Preventing victimization by prohibiting discrimination, prejudice, harassment and
  2. Enhancing equality of opportunity between those with protected characteristics and those without, and
  3. Fostering good relations between those with protected characteristics and those without.

We commit to a high level of transparency with policy, data collection, and analysis that demonstrates the value of democratization of data in examining if community-level explanations are sufficient to explain perceived racial disparities.

It seems to us that even understanding what equity is, demands conversations with all the city intends to serve, especially youth.

We believe that open, honest discussion and outreach will help us understand how equity is understood by our diverse communities. As an example, we understand that equity has a different meaning for our communities of color than it has for LGBTQ people, and we seek to understand these perspectives.

From the local nature of criminal threats to strengthening community relations, there is a heightened need for our employees to continue to respond to emergencies with professionalism, pride, and effectiveness. Through diversity management, the Forest Grove Police Department will leverage the unique skills, talents, and expertise that we bring to the FGPD through our different backgrounds, experiences, demographics, and perspectives.

The Forest Grove Police Department welcomes the diverse insights of our employees and community in how best to promote a successful workforce and the fulfillment of our critical mission.