Patrol Function

Patrol Function - Policy 400.1

400.1 Purpose & Scope

  • The purpose of this policy is to define the functions of the patrol unit of the Department to ensure intra-department cooperation and information sharing.

400.1.1 Function

  • Officers will generally patrol in clearly marked vehicles, patrol assigned jurisdictional areas of Forest Grove Police Department, respond to citizen calls for assistance, act as a deterrent to crime, enforce local ordinances as well as state laws, and respond to emergencies 24 hours per day seven days per week.
  • Patrol will generally provide the following services within the limits of available resources:
    • Patrol that is directed at the prevention of criminal acts, traffic violations and collisions, the maintenance of public order, and the discovery of hazardous situations or conditions
    • Crime prevention activities such as residential inspections, business inspections, community presentations, etc.
    • Calls for service, both routine and emergency in nature
    • Investigation of both criminal and non-criminal acts
    • The apprehension of criminal offenders
    • Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving activities such as citizen assists and individual citizen contacts of a positive nature
    • The sharing of information between the Patrol and other divisions within the Department, as well as other outside governmental agencies
    • The application of resources to specific problems or situations within the community, which may be improved or resolved by Community Oriented Policing and problem solving strategies
    • Traffic direction and control