Permitting Process

Verify the jurisdiction of the property through Metro. If located in the City of Cornelius, please call 503-992-3229 prior to submitting plans to Forest Grove. Please note, office hours are 9 am to 5 pm. No permits issued or plan intake after 4:30 pm.

All electrical plan reviews and permits are issued through Washington County Building Department. An electronic plan review is available. Please contact us to discuss if paper submittals are needed for larger projects.

Are you a contractor? You can pull permits online through the State's e-permitting website.

Permitting Process for:

  • New Single: Family Homes, Duplexes and Additions to Existing Residences
  • Remodels or Alterations to Existing Non-Residential Buildings
  • New Multi-Family, Commercial, or Industrial Buildings

Step 1

  • Preliminary meeting with Plans Review Board.
  • Obtain Clean Water Services (CWS) Provider Letter (and 1200-C Permit if over 1 acre).
  • Submit 10 copies of the site plan, CWS provider letter, and pay Site Review Fee.
    • Site Plans are reviewed by Planning, Engineering, Building, Fire, Police, and Light & Power.
    • Make corrections to plans if necessary.

Step 2

  • Submit seven sets of construction plans. Pay Plan Review and Fire & Life Safety Review Fees.
    • Construction plans reviewed by the Planning, Engineering, Building, Fire, Police, and Light & Power
    • Make corrections to plans if necessary.
  • Pay all permit and development fees which include Sanitary Sewer, Water Service, Building, Traffic Impact, Plumbing, and Mechanical. Electrical is through Washington County.

Step 3

  • Receive building permit and begin construction.
  • Schedule all required inspections and approvals. To schedule inspections call or text the request line at 1-888-299-2821.
  • Apply for City Business License prior to move in.

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