Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) provides a five-year plan of public physical improvements and major equipment expenditures. The program is ongoing and revised annually as part of the budget process. Review and approval of the CIP is integrated with the annual budget process. The CIP is reviewed and approved every year by the Budget Committee and City Council. The planned expenditures for the coming fiscal year will be reviewed during the City's annual budget review process and may be subject to revision.

Capital improvements include maintenance, renovation, replacement, new construction, or expansion of physical facilities requiring an expenditure of $5,000 or more. This includes the cost of land, engineering, architectural planning, and contractual services.

The CIP also contains capital equipment expenditures of $5,000 or more. This is equipment having a relatively long period of usefulness (i.e., over 3 years). Examples include fire engines and all city-owned vehicles.


Projects within the Capital Improvements Program are broken into five categories. They include:

  • Light and Power Projects
  • Equipment Fund Projects
  • Public Works Projects
  • Public Safety Projects
  • Culture and Recreation Projects

Each project in the CIP will be budgeted in the fund responsible for managing the project in the annual budget document.


Beginning with Fiscal Year 2016 to 2017, the CIP was included at the end of the budget document and not as a separate document. See our Budgets category in the Archive Center for subsequent CIP information.