Trials are typically held on Wednesdays. 

At a trial, you appear in Court along with the citing officer to present evidence about your case. Evidence can include relevant testimony from you, the citing officer, any witnesses and photographs or diagrams.  Most people choose to represent themselves. Non-attorney trials typically last less than 15 minutes.

If you choose to have an attorney represent you (at your own expense), they must provide a letter of representation to the Court.

You may ask the Court to reset your initial trial date, but the request must be made in person or in writing and must be done 3 full business days prior to the trial date.  You must also post the full presumptive fine amount of up to $250 indicated on the front of the citation.

Failing to appear for a trial will result in a guilty conviction being entered and full fines imposed.  The court may also suspend your driver’s license.  If you have previously failed to appear for a hearing in this Court you will be required to post the presumptive fine listed on your citation per ORS 153.061(4) before a trial will be set.

Requests for discovery can be made to the Agency that issued your citation.  Contact Forest Grove Police Records at 503-992-3268 or the Washington County Court Coordinator (Cornelius) at 503-846-2739 for information and a fee schedule. 

If you are found guilty, you have a right to appeal.  Appeals are heard in Washington County Circuit Court.  A non-refundable filing fee of $420, payable to the State of Oregon, is due when you file the appeal.  You must file the appeal within 30 days of the conviction date.