Qualifying Program Violations

Citation NumberViolation
803.220Failure to change vehicle registration
803.300Failure to register vehicle
803.325Purchase and use of out-of-state registered vehicle
803.455Failure to renew vehicle registration
803.505Failure to carry registration
803.540Failure to display license plates
803.545Failure to display out-of-state plates
803.560Improper display of stickers
803.635 Improper use of trip permit 
803.655 Improper display of trip permit 
807.420Fail to change information on ID card
807.560Fail to change information on license
811.225Failure to maintain safety belts in working order
811.615 Unlawful parking in disabled space
815.160Unlawful use of metal objects on tires
815.185Improper fenders/mud flaps
815.200Visible emissions
815.220 Obstruction of vehicle windows 
815.222Illegal window tinting
815.250Operation w/out proper exhaust system
815.280Violation of bicycle equipment
815.300 Operation with non-standard lighting equipment
816.330Operation without required lighting equipment
816.360Use of prohibited lighting equipment