Swim Lessons

The Forest Grove Aquatic Center offers preschool, school-age, homeschool, and adult/teen swimming lessons. We do not offer private lessons at this time. Children must be a minimum of six months old. Questions about refunds and cancellations? Please review our Refund and Cancellation Policy.

How to Register

Register online, in person at the Aquatic Center, or call 503-992-3238. Payment is required at the time of registration.

Swim Placements

For families who have participated in a swim lesson class, the recommended placement for your child is on the swim card received from their instructor. If your child took a class elsewhere, has never taken a class or, it's just been a while, the Aquatic Center offers free water placement tests during public swims. When registering for a class, children must have passed the prior class or demonstrated in a water placement test that they meet the requirements for the current or next level of swim.

In Level 1, the goal is to get students comfortable and be able to enjoy the water safely. They will learn basic water skills such as floating, blowing bubbles, leg and arm movements as well as exploring the water.

Prerequisites: None

Participants will learn:

  • How to enter and exit the water safely
  • Blowing bubbles and submerging mouth, nose and eyes and bobs
  • Floating and gliding in the water with support
  • Arm and leg movements on front and back
  • Water safety rules and how to use and wear a lifejacket

Note: It is common for a student to repeat a swim level multiple times in order to gain the proficiency needed to succeed at the next level.