Construction and Design Standards

City Standard Design Details for sidewalks, signage, streets, and water are currently available for online viewing or downloading, free of charge. Additional documents may be added as they become available.

Sanitary Sewer, Surface Water Management, and Erosion Control

The City of Forest Grove has adopted Clean Water Services Design and Construction Standards for Sanitary Sewer and Surface Water Management, and Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Planning and Design Manual, and their accompanying Standard Details.


Users must read and understand the disclaimer before downloading or viewing.

Online documents are available for public use and are to the best of the City's knowledge, accurate copies of the current City files. The public is responsible for keeping up with City updates. The City does not accept responsibility for damage to files resulting from the downloading process or diskette failure. NO revisions may be made to City documents. The City Standards are approved for use within the City of Forest Grove for the purpose for which they were designed. Any other use should be reviewed and approved by a registered engineer. If a Standard is in any way modified, the Standard number and City Standard border shall be removed before use so that resulting details are not confused with official City Standards. Persons making these and other such revisions shall accept full responsibility for the results.

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