City Council Rules


The City Council consists of a Mayor and six Councilors nominated and elected from the City at large. The Mayor and City Councilors serve four-year terms of office. The Mayor and City Councilors all serve the citizens of our community in a volunteer capacity.

The City Charter (PDF) provides for a Council-Manager form of city government. The City Council is the policy-making body of the city. They adopt laws and regulations, annual goals and objectives, and budgets that fund a wide range of public services. Council members give direction to city staff through the City Manager who serves at the pleasure of the City Council. The mayor serves as the leader of the governing body and presides over the Council meetings. The mayor is a voting member of the Council and has no veto authority. The City Recorder is the clerk of the City Council.

Citizen volunteers play a large role in city government, staffing and overseeing key advisory boards. Citizen involvement is encouraged and there are many volunteer opportunities available.

City Council Rules

City Charter, Section 10, requires City Council to adopt rules governing its meetings and proceedings. The adopted Council Rules can be seen below: