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The City of Forest Grove has advisory boards and commissions (B/C) appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council.  Each is unique in its size, meeting schedule, and specific function; however, the purpose is the same: to advise City Council on public policy issues affecting Forest Grove.

The City recruits annually and applications are accepted throughout the year. The applicant appointment process can take several months as interviews are scheduled at the discretion of the City Council. 

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Committee for Community Engagement - 1 Vacancy

  • Meets the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm
  • Members must reside within the city limits or urban growth boundary.

Community Forestry Commission - 2 Vacancies

  • Meets the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Community Auditorium Conference Room
  • Members may reside inside/outside city limits

Economic Development Commission -7 Vacancies

  • Meets the second Thursday of each month at noon at McMenamins Grand Lodge
  • Members may reside inside/outside city limits

Historic Landmarks Board - 4 Vacancies

  • Meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm
  • May reside inside/outside city limits

Student Advisor Vacancies

To be eligible for appointment, student applicants must be high school grade level and residing or attending school, including home-schooled, in Forest Grove. Student appointees serve on boards/commissions, except the Budget Committee and Planning Commission. The City Council implemented a Youth Involvement Program, which allows eligibility for student-appointed members to travel to Washington, D. C., to attend the National League of Cities Conference. Student members are voting members and serve two-year terms.

Boards & Commissions Application

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    Students must be high school grade level and residing or attending school in Forest Grove. Students may serve on any board, except Budget Committee, Planning Commission and Urban Renewal Advisory Committee.

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