Sister City Town of Nyuzen, Japan

Collage of Photos from the 30-Year Anniversary of the Forest Grove / Nyuzen, JapanThe Town of Nyuzen (pronounced noo zen) is located northwest of Tokyo, against the panoramic view of the North Alps. It spreads southwest-ward along the alluvial fan formed by Kurobe River and faces Toyama Bay. This bay is the home of an ancient natural forest which is submerged by the rising water level about ten thousand years ago.

The people of Nyuzen are constantly improving their town which is blessed not only with clear water and beautiful forests, but also with a rich cultural heritage and a population full of energy and love of life. There are many scenic spots in Nyuzen, ranging from the national monument cedar tree park [Sugisawa No Sawasugi], to many spring water spots [Yusui-Gun], to cultural with the forest art park [Nizayama Geijutsu No Mori] and the community hall [Cosmo Hall]. The fall brings the rice harvest, the spring brings beautiful tulips in many colors, and the summer brings the jumbo Suika watermelons.

The 30-Year Anniversary of the Forest Grove/Nyuzen, Japan, sister city friendship, which was established in 1988, was celebrated in 2018/2019. View our Commemoration Peace Pole Unveiling Video.

History of the Sister Cities Exchange Program

What started as an exchange of ideas between two businesses half a world apart – Tektronix/Forest Grove and NEC/Nyuzen, Japan – continues to thrive as a cultural and civic Sister Cities relationship. Since 1988, each community has offered hospitality to delegations as they visit and learn the culture and traditions of both communities.