Sanitary Sewer


The Sanitary Sewer Division's primary mission is to provide and maintain a reliable collection system to transport sewage to the treatment facility.


The Division is responsible for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer system. This includes reducing stormwater inflow and infiltration into the collection system, constructing new pipelines to replace defective ones or to provide increased service capacity, and installing new service laterals when requested. The City is responsible for all collection lines smaller than 24 inches in diameter as well as all manholes. Clean Water Services (CWS) is responsible for the large trunk lines, lift stations, and the Fernhill Treatment Facility.

The sanitary sewer system is comprised of 374,000 linear feet of pipe and has approximately 1,600 manholes connected to the system. The cleaning cycle runs once every four years. City crews clean approximately 85,000 linear feet of pipe each year and video inspect approximately 48,000 linear feet of pipe within each given year.

The utility also provides customer service by responding to emergencies involving the sanitary system as well as customer concerns.


Sewer Connection Inspection$80.75
Sewer Dye Test$109.25
Sewer SDC Fee (per EDU)$6,625.00
Sewer Lateral Construction Deposit$2,000.00