Surface Water Management


The Surface Water Management (SWM) program was implemented on July 1, 1990, to comply with federal regulations to protect the quality of stormwater runoff within the City of Forest Grove.


The Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of approximately 325,000 linear feet of storm line. The system includes catch basins, manholes, and water quality facilities. Division activities include ditch maintenance, water quality facility maintenance, and the annual street leaf pickup program.

The Division also responds to hazardous material spills that may potentially discharge into the storm or sanitary sewer. It is also the Division's responsibility to enforce rules for erosion control during construction and wet weather.


Of the Surface Water Management Fee, the City retains 75% of the SWM fee to offset the maintenance responsibility; the other 25% goes to Clean Water Services. The SWM fees are used for the maintenance of stormwater conveyance systems, catch basin maintenance, storm pipe TV inspection and cleaning, street sweeping, and the annual leaf pickup program.

The annual cleaning of this system has a six-year cycle. City crews clean approximately 1,200 manholes and 1,600 catch basins each year with a target of approximately 47,000 feet of pipe. Crews also video inspect approximately 35,000 feet of pipe each year.