EV Charging Location

The City of Forest Grove has 6 electric vehicle charging stations for public use. Each charging station is equipped with a double port, meaning two vehicles per station. An account with ChargePoint is required to use all of the EV Chargers in Forest Grove. Please go to ChargePoint Site to log in to an existing account, or to create an account with ChargePoint.

Locations of Charging Stations:

  1. 1924 Council Street - In the City parking lot across Council Street from City Hall and the Community Auditorium
  2. 2204 College Way - South of University Avenue, near McCormick Hall at Pacific University
  3. 1911 21st Avenue - In the City parking lot that is south of 21st Avenue and north of Pacific Avenue
  4. 1818 B Street - In the City of Forest Grove Light & Power Parking Lot
  5. 2019 Pacific Avenue - Corner of Pacific Avenue and College Way at Pacific University
  6. 2037 Cedar Street - Corner of Cedar Street and 21st Avenue