Banner Information

As a public service, the Light & Power Department will install informational banners that announce an event of general interest to the community. The event can be sponsored by a club, association, or other non-profit organization, or by local government. If the event is sponsored by a local business, the event must be non-revenue generating. Banners may not advocate a political position, candidate, or party and may not state any religious belief or doctrine.

Banners may be displayed for a week at a time from Monday to Monday at one of two locations:

  • Across Pacific Avenue near the Post Office.
  • Across 19th Avenue near the public parking lot.

Banners must be constructed according to specifications. Please contact the Light & Power Department for details.

Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis and may not be made more than 90 days in advance of the date to hang the banner. To check availability, call 503.992.3250.




The Light and Power Department, as a public service, will install informational banners at two locations, without charge to the sponsoring organization. Banners must be prepared by the sponsoring organization in accordance with the specifications shown on Attachment A and their written content must conform to the limitations listed below. Banners will normally be displayed for one week.

Banner Content Guidelines

A banner shall advertise a local event that is of general interest to the City's population and that is sponsored by a local club, association, or other not-for-profit organization or by local government.

Examples of events and organizations that qualify include: Blood Drive; Election Day; Church fundraiser events; Community activities such as Corn Roast; School, College or Community plays, debates, recitals or band concerts, etc.

A banner shall not advocate a political position, choice of candidate, or political party. Banners shall not advertise specific products or events or activities of organizations established for profit. Banners shall not state any religious belief or doctrine. 

Final authority on the acceptability of banner content shall be the City Manager or his/her designee.

Procedures and Operating Policies:

  1. Clearance of Wording: Clearance for wording and purpose of the banner shall be obtained from the Light and Power Department secretary at the time of scheduling prior to banner construction.
  2. Banner Construction: Banners must be constructed to the specifications described on Attachment A in regard to materials, reinforcing, dimensions and air vents. Substandard banners will not be installed. The Light and Power Department will provide proper ropes to support the banner. The Department will not be responsible for banner damage during installation, removal or while suspended.
  3. Schedule: Scheduling of dates and locations must be arranged through the Light and Power office at 503-992-3250. Service will be provided on a first-come/first-serve basis. Arrangements may be made not more than 3-months prior to the desired date of hanging the banner. Individuals reserving space must provide the organization name, the name of the responsible person and a contact phone number.
  4. Delivery and Pickup: Banners scheduled for installation must be delivered to the Light and Power office within a week prior to installation and picked up within a week after removal. The Department will not be responsible for lost banners nor will it store banners.
  5.  Time of Display: Banners are installed and removed on Mondays for a one-week period. Longer display periods may be approved only if no other organization requests the same display site.
  6. Locations: Two across-street locations are available: Pacific Avenue near the Post Office, 19th Avenue near the City Public Parking lot. Each site will accommodate only one banner at a time. No other banner sites are available.

 Revised 3/22/2021