Safety Information

Tree Trimming

When a tree is growing close to an overhead power line, it can pose a threat to electric service and a hazard to public safety. When this occurs, the tree must be trimmed or removed. 

Directional trimming is recommended by the International Society of Arboriculture, the American National Standards Institute, and the National Arbor Day Foundation. Directional trimming includes V-shaped trimming of trees around power lines and the cutting of tree limbs where they would naturally shed. This type of trimming can better protect trees from attacks of diseases and insects. Occasionally, a tree presents a hazard to the public or the integrity of the electrical system, it may be necessary to remove limbs back to the trunk of the tree or remove the tree.

Tree trimming in the City of Forest Grove Light & Power service area is performed by a qualified Line Clearance Tree Trimmer or by a qualified Journeyman Lineman. The Light & Power Department has established a three-year cycle to trim all of the trees in our service area. Emphasis is put on trimming and maintaining the clearance around the high-voltage lines.

Work & Recreation around Power Lines

Tree limbs can conduct electricity because they contain water. Electricity can pass through a branch touching a line, shocking the victim sufficient to cause injury or a fall from the tree.

Kites and power lines do not mix. Warn children to never climb poles or into trees near wires to remove a tangled kite.

If a wire falls on your car, stay inside your car. You are safe as long as you remain inside. If you attempt to get out and one foot touches the ground and the other is in the electrified car, you complete the circuit to ground. You can be electrocuted!

Beware of anything metal around wires. Electricity can "leap" to a metal conductor such as a ladder if brought close to an energized wire, so always keep yourself and metal objects at least 10 feet away from power lines.

Safety Education

The Light and Power Department provides safety education using a model "Electric City" to demonstrate the hazards found around electric wires. This is a portable unit that can be brought to a classroom or group meeting.

Call Before You Dig

Do not dig underground until all utilities have been located. Call the Oregon Utility Notification Center at 800-332-2344 to arrange all utility locates. Allow 48 business hours for locates to be completed. More information can be found on the Oregon811 Site.

Surge Protection & Power Quality  

Whole House Surge Protection

Power surges can be generated in several ways. A disturbance can occur on the power line coming up to your home. The line is exposed to potential disturbances along its entire length. One common cause of surges is lightning. These high-energy surges can enter a home through the electric service entrance. Once the surge enters the building, electric wiring and equipment can be damaged. 

Forest Grove Light and Power can install and maintain a whole house surge protector at the meter base for a monthly fee of $4.50. 

Surge Protection Features & Details

  • Safely dissipates lightning-induced impulses
  • Protects against temporary over-voltage condition
  • Prevents damage to computers, faxes, copiers, VCRs, TVs, stereos, and other AC-powered electronic/electric equipment.
  • Guaranteed under manufacturer warranty

Call 503-992-3296 to request installation or for additional information on Power Quality.