Annexation is a process where a property owner or owners petition to have their land included within the corporate boundaries of the City of Forest Grove. Properties eligible for annexation must be within the City’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), adjacent to the city limits, and at a location where urban services can be extended. Property owners may find annexation appropriate to develop urban-type land uses on their property and/or when City amenities such as municipal water or sewer service or street maintenance are desired.

How Do I Apply?

A pre-application meeting with Planning staff is highly recommended before an application for annexation is submitted.  To request a pre-application meeting please complete and submit the Pre-Application Request form. There is no fee for a pre-application meeting.  

To apply for annexation, please complete and submit to the Community Development the following information: 

  • Annexation Application Packet and Petition (PDF),
  • Land Use Application form (PDF),
  • A map and written legal description for the annexation area prepared by a surveyor, and
  • A check for the required filing fee.